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Welcome to Hi-Rez Studios' Blog. We at The Exiled have decided to rehost Hi-Rez's blog because they decided to delete their old blog when they switched to their new one. We felt that this was a very poor decision made by Hi-Rez. Eight months after the public release of Tribes: Ascend, they started shutting down servers, and now they have deleted their blog. This blog has been revived for the sole purpose of preserving history so that others may use these pages as reference. Only the Tribes: Ascend related blog entries were saved, since we are a website dedicated to all things related to Tribes. Most of the pages were pulled from The Wayback Machine, but some were not there, so they had to be recreated from other sources. I can say without a doubt that we have the most complete version of the Hi-Rez blog, relating to Tribes. We will also pull articles from their new blog and back them up as well.

Hi-Rez Blog, rest in peace.
March 11, 2011 to October 24, 2012.

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